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    wifes new toy

    Hey. Just bought my wife her first gun. Its a s&w model 637 airweight. 38. Very nice gun that fits her hand perfect. Shes goon the 28th for her ccw permit. I bought a 45/410 derringer to play with. Fun....fun. hg

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    I got a stainless 637 for my mother to purchase for self protection. Excellent ergonomics, fit and finish, an excellent option for CC or home defense. I tried the semi route, but the 637 was better for her. I was surprised at the accuracy of this one as I have shot snubbies in the past, but standing 15 yards out I was able to shoot 1/4 inch groups unsupported shooting double action. With full power +p's it was a little snappy but very manageable. Excellent pistol in my opinion.

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