help new gun owner question

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      help new gun owner question

      hello i have a simple question . i live in rochester new york and am looking to apply for a pistol permit and am wondering is there any reason it be denied for a permit ? i have NO record , never been arrested , i have do a medical history of having mild depression but no violence, im 28 years old , i live alone , i rent , what kind of questions should i expect after applying ? can i use local law enforcement or a political figure that im related to for a reference ? please help me with a crash course in what to expect thank you

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      first are you applying for a permit to buy/own a gun or to carry concealed?

      different permits and different applications and different permitting authorities.

      all your answers will be provided in the statutes that require the permit. is it a state or local statute? then look up the statute online, it will list the questions AND what are valid reasons for denial.... also you need to know if your permitting authority is a MUST issue or a MAY issue.

      must issue is just that, IF you meet all the criteria, they MUST issue the permit. in a MAY issue area, the permitting authority has the final determination, they can refuse to issue even you pass all the requirements.

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