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    Question Posting a pic

    I'm having trouble adding a pic to my thread. When I click insert image it asks me to type in the URL of my pic I'm not sure what that means. Sorry I'm not up on all the computer stuff. I also tryed to add a album and it say's I may not have sufficient privileges. Not sure why. If anyone can help me out with this that would be great. Thank's Shaner

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    As long as the image is hosted on the internet it's fairly simple. I use to host all my pics. Basically you right click on the image, click on properties, and there you will see the url address. Copy it and paste it into "insert image" window. Very, very breif explanation.


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    You can also upload the photo the the photo gallery here on the site. Once you have it uploaded, you can right click on it and copy the url: Then post the url in the image tab. Try that.

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