I have always worn glasses and I have always, seems like, shot and loved it. I had made it a medium priority to wear protective eyewear while at the range and relying on standard fare while on the job...Until this year!
I had cataract surgery with lens replacements last fall and then got new glasses which gave me much more freedom,sespecially while shooting, than ever because my eyes were now both 20/20 and I only needed glasses when reading or aiming a weapon.
Then in Novemeber I developed a detached retina in my right, dominant, eye. No biggie the Doctor said. Famous last words.
After surgery for the detached retina things were blurry on the right side. Unable to see type blurry.
I have been to the opthalmologist every week since then and have had treatment upon treatment...had my eyelid sewn shut...worn bandage contacts and it has gotten no better. One month ago the doctor said that she can no longer reasonably promise that I will regain sight in my right eye. She said that my right eye is paralyzed for some reason. The pupil does not react to light nor does it focus at all. (I can read betwixt the lines and sounds like maybe a nerve was cut during surgery.).
I am not upset with the doctors and surgeons. They gave it their best efforts and don't have to worry about a lawsuit from me. But I am now a one-eyed person. I am rabidly protective of my left eye. If I could get a one inch thick polycarbonate helmet I would wear it 24/7. I can't afford to lose my last eye. And I'm having to learn non-dominant eye shooting habits again.
I had heard that folks who lost an eye became very protective of the one that remained. And it's true!
Take it from me...wear great eye protection while shooting. It isn't a 100% guarantee but your sight deserves to be protected.