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    Why do some gun sellers refuse to sell to California residents?

    I've never purchased a gun before, so I'm not clear on the laws, but I was recently looking at auctions on Gunbroker and I saw a gun I'm interested in going for a relatively low price, but the seller wrote that they didn't sell to California residents and told California residents not to bid. This seller was a gun shop in Texas, and he also had that on all of his items on his website.

    Also, this gun (Five-seveN USG) is legal to sell/own in California. And I did find some websites of California gun shops that do sell them. So I don't know why that particular auctioner refused to sell this and other guns to Californians.

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    Saves them the trouble of making sure the firearm is legal in CA.

    hmmm....the gun is legal, the 20 round magazine isn't. Maybe they don't want the hassle of getting a 10 round mag just to ship to CA. Don't know why they wouldn't have listed all the other States that have magazine capacity limits.
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    What Bruce said. And because Commie-fornia is a PITA.


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    +1 bruce333

    I believe that's the reason.

    I'm sure glad I do not live there any more.

    I feel sorry for those that have family & jobs there and can't leave.

    They have some real "different" folks living there, and their taxes are out of sight.

    Beautiful state too - I lived there for 3 years when I was young.

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