Do you get your kids shooting?

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      Do you get your kids shooting?

      My daughter in in the "PEOPLES REPUBLIC OF WASHINGTON D.C." going to college as we speak.She grew up around firearms and has dumdfounfed some of her "YANKEE" roommates about firearms! She is taking photography in a very well respected school up there and showed some of her photos to her peers. Some of the questions she got from the LESS well informed was"HOW MANY PEOPLE HAS YOUR DAD SHOT"? Bettter yet how many has she shot???? Poor kid has to deal with all the left-wing commie scum of this country because they can't deal with "GUNS" in the hands of regular folks! I sent her this pic of her shooting a MADDI AK just to make these BOZO'S cringe GO GET'M BABE!!!!!!

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      My daughters have been shooting since they were 7.

      Right now my younger daughter is a dead shot with a .22 - her favorite rifle is the Winchester bolt action my father left me many years ago.

      She's also bright enough not to compare her 10-ring shots with my mostly-better-than-5 rings I get with my pistols.

      BTW, my older daughter likes Glocks, and hasn't quite forgiven me for trading my last one for an HK.

      Oh, and both of them think the Taurus line of pink pistols are gross.

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      My son is almost 3 months old, but he will be starting out young like I did. Maybe start him out at 4 years old.

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