Gunvault questions???

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      Gunvault questions???


      Im gonna post a few links to gunvaults for sale and see if you can tell me if there the ones you open with using yer fingerprint? I like the koolness of the fingerprint lock and need a small safe. Help me if ya can please. Tnx, HG

      GunVault MicroVault MV500 Portable Gun Safe Micro Vault - eBay (item 120651151206 end time Dec-23-10 02:13:50 PST)

      Gunvault GV2000 Standard Multivault Gun Vault Safe NEW - eBay (item 370458963214 end time Dec-21-10 17:20:43 PST)

      GunVault GV1000 Deluxe Mini Pistol Gun Safe Box New NIB - eBay (item 170558223536 end time Dec-26-10 05:18:08 PST)

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      Well I was about to tell you they are not however after looking on Google they seem like they are however I wouldn’t get one that didn’t have a "true" finger print reader (one with the single square with a light behind it) but that’s me.

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