Bottom of Gulf in the Spill Zone area a Dead zone


If you didn't see this footage from the minisub that discovered the Titanic, it was taken down, I imagine several thousand feet in the Gulf oil spill zone. It was an ABC news exclusive. We better secure the funds from BP, so they don't start a Shell game with their bank accounts.
I believe we were lucky that it occurred at a very deep depth and the weight of the oil sank it fast, before more could make it to the shallow fishing areas off shore. Mother nature is pretty resilent but there hasn't been enough time elapsed to fully judge the damages to the wetlands.
BP has already started there media spots on how great a job they did. They are libel for as much restoration as possible to the Gulf and that includes cleaning up the foot deep of oil sludge of the "Dead Zone" of an area that is still unknow. There was not one sign of visable life period!! Really a bummer!!