Another note on firearms safety

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      Another note on firearms safety

      I remember reading of one of those Kung Lee movies where an actor killed himself clowning around with a prop gun. During a break in filming, he picked up the Smith & Wesson Model 29 (I think) used in the previous scene, put it to his head and put a bullet through his head. What had happened?

      As it was later explained, the gun was used in a close up, showing it being loaded. Dummy cartridges were used for this. The dummy cartridges were removed and blanks loaded for the nest scene. It would have been bad enough had it just been blank cartridges. But a bullet had come out of one of the dummy rounds and remained in the cylinder. A blank cartridge and a bullet equals a live round. Result: a dead actor.

      Never, ever, clown around with a firearm. Posing for silly photographs and such can get someone killed very dead.

      Bob Wright

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      The actor was Brandon Lee and the "accident" happened during filming. He was shot in the stomach by another actor during filming.
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      Didn't that happen while making The Crow?

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      Actually, years ago, there was an actor who was drunk and did that w/ a blank - it was in the 1980s - Blond haired guy from Cover Up.

      As far as I know, Brandon Lee wasn't messing around with the gun himself. Another actor was using it in the scene during filming or something similiar.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Maser
      Didn't that happen while making The Crow?

      Sure did.

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