Who has used the gun in any confrontation or self-defense situation

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      Who has used the gun in any confrontation or self-defense situation

      Hi all.

      I see many people who has guns for self defense, that is why a lot of people is in any gun forum.

      So, I was wondering how many or who has used the gun in any confrontation or self-defense.. maybe not LEO cause it is their job.

      I am from a country that is very insecure, and probably having a gun is more dangerous cause if someone came to steal you, probably he is not alone.. for example if you are in the car in a heavy traffic (this is the most common) there are 2 motorcicle in each side of your car, both of them with guns.. so if you try to shoot one of them, the other could shoot to you.. and probably you will be stuck in the traffic and you can go away.

      And when someone want to steal your car and they take you inside the car, the first thing the do is inspect you to see if you have gun concealed.. if they find your gun.. probably they shoot or kill you with your own gun...

      And for sure.. when they try to border you the arent alone. That is why this is dangerous to have a gun, and I preferred dont have any gun, and wasnt so interest in having one.

      Now I live in USA and I want a pistol but for practice, range, idpa.. no for kill someone. I dont think this is dangerous in USA,depending of where you are or go... I know there are some cities dangerous. but it is still secure.

      There the last year were 16000 killed people, and in a weekend at least there are 30 to 40 killed people in 1 city..

      and from those who has used the gun how was the legal stuff with the law.. did you pay a lot of money with layer, and so on?

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