I know it's on here but...

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      I know it's on here but...

      Where is the sticky with links for all state firearm laws? Specifically I need NC buy and sell laws for person to person ( non FFL ). Sorry in advance but I searched everywhere I can find, and used the search feature?

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      I don't think there is a sticky on State laws.

      Try this site.


      NC DOJ firearms laws

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      Every state maintains a website with all of that state's laws listed in detail. Usually there's some sort of index to help you access them.
      Every county maintains a law library. All citizens and residents of the county are permitted to access it freely. If your county has the funds, there will be a designated librarian who can give you guidance. Otherwise, the set of volumes of state law on the library's shelves either begin with, or end with, a comprehensive index by subject.
      Many county law libraries also provide computer access to Lexis, a comprehensive on-line library of all of the law of the entire US, complete with a subject-matter index.

      If you want legal information, you would do best consulting a lawyer.
      Next best would be doing your own research on-line or in the law library.
      Consulting a website of condensations and extracts collected by someone else should serve only as a starting point, because such a collection may be incomplete, or even misleading.

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      The 2 links supp;ied above are very good links. you can get your answers there. You can go research somewhere else and verufy that what you saw in the link is the same as what is there.

      You can find what you need very easily on the internet ....at times you may need a lawyer to interpret it. Many lawyers don't know the law either they just know where to look. They all have computers on their desks.


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