another person refuses to be a willing victim

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      another person refuses to be a willing victim

      Charges filed against suspect in attempted robbery at Rally

      (KMOV)-- A warrant has been issued against one of the suspects involved in the attempted armed robbery at a Rally’s in South St. Louis.

      Daryl Ingram, 31, is charged with First-Degree assault, two counts of Armed Criminal Action and First-Degree Attempted Robbery. Ingram remains in the hospital.

      The robbery victim who fired the first shots in the gunfight will not be charged with any crimes.

      According to officials, the attempted robbery happened in a Rally’s parking lot near Gravois and Jefferson around 6 p.m. on Monday.

      Police say the two alleged robbers hopped in the backseat of a couple's car, displayed guns and announced a robbery. The 26-year-old driver pulled out his own gun and shot one Ingram in the stomach and the other suspect in the head. Ingram ran from the scene but collapsed nearby.

      The driver was shot in the leg, but he was released from the hospital late Monday night.

      The suspect shot in the head is listed in critical condition. Ingram is listed in serious condition.

      Police say they believe this was a case of a victim defending himself. The victim, who was shot in both legs, allegedly took the first shots at the suspected robbers. All three weapons used in the incident were recovered at the scene.

      The investigation is ongoing.
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      That is right here where I live. Darn glad to see one less person victimized and two more people in jail.

      Sad part is the young man was shot in the leg. He will be fine. And I hope the purps get maximum sentence

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      Man, it sure is getting crazy around here. To think these idiots will go out and attempt this in areas that allow citizens to defend themselves in public.

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