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    Selling handgun out of state?

    I'm aware that firearms must be sent to an FFL when being shipped out of state, but I have a question or two about the process.

    1. When shipping to an FFL, what info do I need to request? How long do I keep any paperwork, if any req'd?

    2. Payment. What's the typical preferred method of payment to keep from getting screwed? Money Order? I take it the seller typically waits for payment from buyer, cashes payment, and THEN ships said firearm?

    I suppose it's all left for the two parties to work out the particulars, but some general rules of thumb from those of you who've been through this process would be helpful. I prefer to Buy/Sell FTF, so, if I decide to go this route, it would be a first!

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    It goes something like this:

    The buyer verifies that his FFL will accept a gun from a non FFL (you).
    The buyer has his FFL mail you a copy of their license (FFL).
    The buyer mails you payment (I would insist on a USPS MO).

    After you receive payment and the FFL, you ship the gun and a copy of your driver's license directly to the FFL.

    Now shipping a handgun by a non FFL is tricky and expensive - figure about $50. There are specific rules about how and what kind of shipping a non-FFL must use when shipping a handgun. If you have a local FFL you have a relationship with, I suggest letting them ship the handgun. Less hassle, they can ship cheaper than a non FFL, charge you a fee for their service, and it should still run about $50 (or less).

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    Thanks for the tips, very much appreciated.

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