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    Small "Left Brained" Rant

    What's up with the evidently increasing extremely "right brained" weirdos I keep having to deal with? Maybe it's just me..... I very often have to work out (arbitrate) issues with people at work and while trying get some information about situations, I aske simple, normal questions and am given the answer to a completely DIFFERENT question.......WTF???? Or I get some information that has nothing to do with anything!!!! I usually assume this happens because they don't want to give the correct information and they don't want to they just do an end run around the question. Then again, it's probably just me. I'm probably just waaaay to left brained and can't understand why a simple question can get a simple response. Am I alone in thinking this is becoming more prevalent???? I guess I need to move further into the wilderness and get therapy (by correspondance).

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    Huh? I didn't understand the question... :-D

    Your not alone. They seem to come in phases. I think we just had a hatch or something! :wink:

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