And yet, more weird news :)

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      And yet, more weird news :)

      In July, according to BBC News, British farmer David Lucas will be forced by European Commission rules to give up his lucrative sideline of building gallows for Zimbabwe and other governments that still employ hangings. Lucas' single gallows sells for the equivalent of $22,000, and the Multi-Hanging Execution System, mounted on a trailer, goes for about $185,000. [BBC News, 5-9-06]
      Schoolteacher Sue Storer, 48, filed a lawsuit against the government in Bristol, England, in March, asking the equivalent of $1.9 million for having fired her when she complained of, among other things, never getting a replacement for her classroom chair, which she said emitted a "ing" noise every time she sat down. [Guardian (London), 3-22-06]
      New York state Sen. David Paterson, running for lieutenant governor, said in March that he now regrets introducing unsuccessful legislation for 14 straight years (until 2001) to make it legal for suspects to physically resist police. [New York Post, 3-29-06]

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      Well, I can believe the schoolteacher chair thing. I've been in the education business a long time and most of the chairs I've had did the same thing.

      I just can't comprehend the "resisting police" thing by a New York politician...........well.....on second thought, maybe I can.

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