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    this may seem cheesey but who cares:

    I am a very inexperienced shooter, but one who loves guns, and i just wanted to say thanks to everyone for all of their great advice! Even though i am an inexperienced shooter, i have already gained a ton of knowledge about hanguns and shooting from this forum. thanks to all of you more experienced people who are sharing your knowledge with me and my fellow newbies! its greatly appreciated! i know i will be a safer, faster learning, smarter and better shooter because of your shared information!


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    We're all here to learn. There's a lot to learn, and this this a great place to do it...great group of people too!


    PS - Just in case you missed it, I posted the picture of the Cougar for you.

    Stoeger Cougar 8040

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    yea got the picture, thanks for the image! made things alot clearer! and the rotating barrel seems like a great feature

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