Nitesiters Customer Service AWESOME

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      Nitesiters Customer Service AWESOME

      Recently I ordered 2 sets of handgun Nitesiters. Had used them in the past and really liked the performance, especially when you compare $10.00 for eight dots to the cost of trijicon night sights. Anyhow, when I ordered them, I paid through PayPal. After several weeks, I still had not received my order. The first order I had made in the past, I received in a week. I went to PayPal to check on the receipt and found out PayPal had the order mailed to an old (3 yr) address I used to live at. I had updated the address when I moved and have received other orders with no problems. I contacted PayPal customer service and they said to contact the delivery service (USPS) and have them send to the right place. Sure, the mailbox refused to accept the delivery. I also sent an email to Dave at Nitesiters explaining what happened. Dave responded immediately and understandingly. I sent him the correct address (he probably had it on his computer anyhow) and within 5 days I received a replacement order at no additional charge and...what a guy...he threw in an extra pack for the delay caused by PayPal. Talk about outstanding service and a great product to boot. Just wanted to let Dave know that his efforts are recognized and I recommend Nitesiters all the time. Now I recommend them for as much as their customer service as their product.

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      Sounds like a great experience! Thanks for sharing.


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      Its nice to see people take the time to say good things about a company - instead of just complain.

      I like my Nitesiters!

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