I have a few questions for all of you pertaining to your day to day life. I realize most responses will vary based on what type of area you serve and that's OK.
First, a little background on myself, I am a 22yr old Submariner on the USS Texas(SSN-775) where I am a Nuclear Mechanic, running the reactor and engine room. I am looking at the possibility of getting out when my current enlistment is up(2012) and I am looking into an LEO career of some sort. I am married and have a son, might have another before I get out of the Navy.
Enough about me, on to the inquisition: I am curious about any academies you have attended for this and how difficult they are. I am not worried about the physical aspect, the Navy sees to that. Once my training is over, what can I expect with regards to duties and responsabilities. I am also curious about advancement opportunities. Is it based of of time served or can I accelerate the process? If you don't mind my asking, what are your salaries like? Would you say you live a comfortable life? I was also wanting to know about special units/ SWAT. Is it a collateral duty or is it the only thing that you do if you belong to it. What kind of life insurance/ benefits can I expect? What kind of hours do you guys work. I tend to put a lot of time in at work even when we are in port ~100 hrs some weeks. Should I start working out more and bulk up to help? If you don't want to answer all my questions, I would greatly appreciate any links to more info. Thank you for your time, info and your service, hopefully some day I can join you in a different uniform.