Nearby Home Invasion

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      Nearby Home Invasion

      My mother called me 15 minutes ago to tell me she saw on the news a home invasion that took place in the town next to us, I am even familar with the street they are referring to.

      I can tell you right off the bat that the town in which this took place is not in favor of firearms. I actually took my Hunter Education course at the Andover Sportsmens club, but the town in general is not the type of place you could expect to find people like us (i.e. firearms enthusiasts in one form or another).

      Needless to say, this event raises some alarms. Hopefully some good can come out of such unfortunate events and people will realize that having a firearm in the home can prevent being a victim.

      Here;s a link to the story if you are interested. I know these tales are a dime a dozen, but I can't remember something like this that happened so close to home.

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      I live in a three section housing development, and the first section (right next to mine) had a reall issue not long ago with home invasions. The last was in broad daylight, the guys kicked in the door to a house while a single mom and her daughter were inside watching TV.

      My neighbors, being frightened, decided to do something about it. They came to me and said they were calling me if someone was trying to break in. My response, "Don't bother. I won't come. Call the cops. Or maybe buy and learn how to use your own gun." Unfortunetly, only two did go out and buy guns (both shotguns). And months later... our one ultra liberal family, who was part of that group, has now started trying to bring up me disarming myself in casual conversation (somehow, guns in my home are a threat to their children three houses away... who never come to our house). I just laugh and walk away.

      Action will always be put off... usually put off longer than memories last.

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      My next door neighbors were the victims of a home invasion robbery, the family was tied up, nobody was injured, they sold their home since then. A couple years later, there was a van parked up the street for a few days with a very bad odor coming from it from what I heard. Turned out to be two dead bodies inside, the police reported the deceased were victims of homicide. I live in a "nice" neighborhood, decent size homes, large yards, kids playing outside, people walking their dogs, an elementary school at the end of the block, and still shit can hit the fan anytime.

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      I live in a reasonably nice appt building, and about a month or so ago, someone tried breaking in at 2AM. Fortunately, we had one of these: , so not only did the door open only ~2-3 inches, but we had plenty of warning and they booked it as soon as the 128 decibles went off.

      It was very weird as there are several hundred units, we just recently moved in, and we are on the 7th floor...We've sinced practiced several home invasion scenarios and I usually am not without a firearm in the room or on my person even at home.

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