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    Quote Originally Posted by sticks View Post
    Maybe I forgot to read the fine print.
    No fine print... but I'm thinking about adding some.
    "bing bang boom! hair out...hamburger time" - William Murderface

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    I apologize if I offended anyone. I was referring to myself with the mindless sheep comment - it should have read "It makes..." I just saw the typo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kev74 View Post
    I haven't been there either, but I did read through their web site. The web site and the trailer they have posted seem to fit the bill for "in your face" if not outright sensationalism, to me anyway.

    The CELL ....
    Thanks for the link. As a whole, imho, I don't think the site is that bad and to me it seems as though the intent of the center is noble. I do have to agree that the video has some 'in your face' footage and the motto itself, "Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere," does sound like the opening lines to a B rated action movie trailer chock full o' explosions and gun toting dudes with cigars.

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