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    Another Knife Post!!!!

    Hey guys, I saw a knife poll a month or so ago and was giving what I read some thought...Ive been collecting knives for years and am pretty opinionated on the subject, so thats why I want to know what everyone else carries, and why they carry them. What things do you guys take into considerstion when purchasing a knife?? That sort of thing, I really appreaciate the input.

    Personally I used to only carry a stainless handled spyderco, either a serated endura, or a delica...I had some issues with the brittle steel breaking on me, but I still really like them.

    In bootcamp I was introduced to my SDI's Benchmade folder...Ever sience they have been my favroite.

    Here are my favroite knives, I am curious to know who agrees, or disagrees with me...

    1.Benchmade skirmish
    2.Benchmade rukus
    3.Kershaw ken onion offset
    4.Kershaw ken onion speed bump(leek owners MUST see this one)
    5.Camilus cuda
    6.Benchmade presido (fixed blade)
    7.Benchmade nimravus (fixed blade)
    8.Spyderco fb16 forrester (fixed blade)
    9.Spyderco fb18 woodlander (fixed blade)
    10.Benchmade fixed griptillion (fixed blade)

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    I'm a plumber and I'm hell on knives. I finally settled on a folding boxcutter type knife. Break or chip the problem! I have some nice Bucks and and such but they are almost never carried.

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    I used to be hell on knives myself, and while I was I carried CRKT. My first was a little cheap sucker that I don't think even had a name, but that was one hell of a knife. After that I scored the Desert Cruiser which is still my favorite, although right now it's in a million pieces while I try to fix a major rust issue (my own stupidity... I left it in a soaking wet purse). The only issue I ever had with it is that it takes up too much room in my pocket. So it stayed in my purse (busted me out of a locked bathroom once, too) which is why it rusted. I forgot it was in there. I have since stopped buying CRKT because the new locking system on them is a pain. Ashame really because they have a bunch I'd like to get, I just hate the new locking system with a passion.

    I have two Kershaws, a Storm and a Blur. Not a fan. I'll admit I bought the Storm because it looked nice and I use it as my "dress up knife." So I don't use it a lot. But the Blur became my daily carry. If it would go more than 3 days without needing a major sharpening it would be perfect. It's slim and fast to use and cuts well when it's sharp. I don't cut a lot with it, either, mostly the occassional box and I use it to cut tags off guns. So it upsets me that it dulls so fast. And we've had more than a few accidents at work with them, major accidents, due to knife failure. Usually the liner lock gives out. Both of mine are holding strong, but more than a few avid Kershaw fans at work have stopped buying them because of serious accidents.

    I adore my Cold Steel Peace Keeper II and do carry it when I feel like I can stand the ribbing of my co-workers. But it's far too big for a practical carry knife.

    Same with my new Ka-Bar, but I don't care because I always wanted one. The TDI is an awesome knife for defense, so it gets carried outside of work to backup my handgun (after an incodent where I couldn't get to my gun but could get to my knife and it saved my life, I am never without a knife for back up defense).

    I rarely carry my Bob Ham and Dan Ritchie custom knives, but those two are my all time favorites. They're actually in a display case right now, but still come out when I want them.

    Right now, I have my eye on a Benchmade Rift. That'll be my next knife purchase, hopefully within a week or so. And it will replace my Kershaw Blur.

    I have a lot of knives, but I'll admit I buy them because I love them and don't use a lot of them often. They've all been carried at least five times. But honestly, I just like having them and looking at them.
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    I am disappointed I don't see any Gerber knives on that list! I'd recommend this:

    You've got to check this knife out. I've used it for years and I can't believe how well it keeps an edge. The only downside is its cost.

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    I have been collecting knives for years, folders are my favorites. For an everyday carry , I been using an Emerson Mini-Commander, it is thin, has a great edge, and with the wave feature it is open as soon as it clears my pocket. I've carried knives by Buck, Benchmade, SOG, Spyderco, Gerber, Cold Steel, etc., but the Emerson is my current favorite.

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    ahhh yes very nice collection...I have an endura wave, pretty cool feature

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    Get one of these:

    I really like the craftsmanship on the handle.

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