3rd Traffic Ticket in 4 months!!! (AVOIDED)

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      3rd Traffic Ticket in 4 months!!! (AVOIDED)

      I've been pulled over 3 times now, in four months..... More than in the last 10 years! Total ticket count? ZERO. Points? ZERO. Nice conversations with local PD count? THREE!!!

      How do I do it?

      1) Polite and appologetic.
      2) Short haircut, clean shave, and professional dress.
      3) Military ID right under the license in PLAIN SIGHT.
      4) CCW permit in the same pocket.
      5) Pull out license, Reg, Ins card, Military ID, CCW card...
      6) Hand over License, Ins, and Reg as asked...

      I've been told that your CCW Permit WILL come up on the LEO computer at a basic traffic stop (in FL at least).

      The last stop, yesterday, I got pulled over for 39 in a 20 (school zone)!!!! I'm SCREWED...

      The LEO came to the window, asked for Lic/Reg/Ins. I took out my wallet, and the folder in my glove compartment. I pulled out the contents of the plastic side of my wallet (DL, Ins, CCW, Range Membership, and Mil ID). I handed him the DL and Ins. I opened the glove compartment with the Mil ID and CCW permit in view on my lap, and got him the Registration.

      He returned to his car, ran my info, and returned:

      LEO: "What branch were you in?"

      Me: "Former AF Officer, Sir, you?"

      LEO: "Not me, my Dad, Vietnam, Army. My partner is former AF." Then he proceded to talk about his Dad, and getting underpaid for risking his life.

      Me: I commented on how Cops, Soldiers, and Teachers are the worst paid people on the planet, for what they contribute. "Please thank him for my service for me, your Dad, and your Partner."

      LEO: "Thank you, I will. I'll be right back..."

      LEO returns in 2 minutes with clipboard... DAMN!

      Hands me a "Citizen Advisory Form" or some crap like that, listing my reason for being stopped, tells me that the ticket would be $305... IF he issued it.

      LEO: "Thank YOU for your service, and stay off the damn cell phone while you're driving! Slow down! Have a nice day."

      Me: "Thank you sir, I appreciate it."

      How many tickets have you avoided with a Military ID??? I think the LEOs cut a break to CCW holders too. I'd guess since I went active duty in 1993, I've saved THOUSANDS in tickets and insurance from my service. Now the CCW carries an added bonus.


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      Last time I was pulled over was in 1992 or maybe 1993. I got a speeding ticket, but didn't show the cop anything except my drivers license. Maybe that was a mistake, but the ticket was only $90. Somehow I survived the economic hit, though it did cut into my ammo budget at a time when I was competing!
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      Vehicle not to be pulled over in when speeding: armored car. Seriously, two of my only three speeding tickets were given while driving an armored car. Yes, the cops actually do pull them over... constantly.

      Best one I ever heard though was two speeding tickets in 20 minutes!

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      Firefighter ID's help too, as do FF license plates. After my dad put FF plates on his pickup, there were never any troubles at the Canadian border with the border guards. I never went before he had the plates, but he has made the comment before that a lot less questions were asked starting the year he put the plates on.

      Have to agree completely with the being polite to the cops. I've been pulled over several times and have only recieved two tickets. It really does pay to be nice.

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      Last time I was pulled was about 10 months ago... I wasn't wearing my seat belt. I got a 100.00 ticket. It could have gone horribly wrong.... I had my AR15 in the front seat and an ammo can with about 500 rds in it. I had just left my gunsmith after having some work done on my other AR and had bought a can of ammo from him as well. When the officer pulled me I rolled down the window before he walked up to my truck and then put both hands on my steering wheel where he could see them. I had my license, registration, CCW and receipts from my gunsmith laying on my lap....ready.

      He took all the info...went back to his car...came back with the ticket, I signed it. He ask me what kind AR I had...I told him, he told me he had a Bushmaster... then told me to buckle up and have a nice day.
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      The Military ID worked well before ever having a permit to carry. I think that the MIl ID is the key. I believe that 80+% of all LEOs are former Military... Considering the times we live in today, they have a closer comeraderie than ever.


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      I got pulled over for doing 95 in a 65. It was really late, no one else on the road. As soon as I saw the trooper (well hidden) I just shut it down, pulled over and waited. I was practically stopped by the time he hit his lights. I don't keep my wallet in my pants pocket when I drive because it hurts after a while (got a Kastanza wallet). Told the trooper I had a Concealed carry permit, handed it to him with my licence. Happen to have had my Kimber Raptor on me at the time. He asked the usual questions.. why am I going so fast, did I know what the speed limit was... blah blah blah. He then asked what I was carrying and where it was. It was on my hip, and I told him it was a Raptor and asked if he'd like to see it.

      We ended up talking for about 15 minutes. Got out of the car, unloaded it, he checked it out, said he wanted to get one, but hadn't handled one. He decided that he was going to buy one based on that. He handed it back, complimented me on the gun and told me to be safe, keep it under 75 and don't pull over for anyone needing help. (guess there had been some robberies on the highway) Ran into the same trooper in the town I was headed to the next day when I went to dinner. Had dinner with him and two other troopers and talked guns and shooting. It really does pay to be nice and apologetic.

      Didn't hurt that I just pulled right over either. Not the first time I've done that, it gets you started on the right foot, or so it has for me. I think I've been pulled over about 4 times with no tickets issued.


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      Yea same here, been pulled over 5 times, given a ticket once, I work with the local PD here everyday and know most of them by name, one of them is my FFL dealer for internet purchases. I've been pulled over in other states and not given a ticket. I was pulled over by Texas state troopers and I pulled over, turned my dome light on rolled down both windows, (there were two troopers on either side. I had my AR in the back seat with about 1,000 rnds of ammo. I also turned my hazard lights on, and pulled waaaay off to the shoulder for officer safety, he asked me what I was doing, and what was in the case, I told him, and I have a ccw showed him all my lisences and mil ID, he ended up looking at my AR and my AK was in the trunk too, forgot to mention that one, it was a nice chat, and Texas troopers are probably some of the most professional officers I've seen in another state.

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      Being nice and appologetic is all that it has taken for me, but all that that did was get a speeding ticket brought down from 19 over to 9 over(no points on my licence just go pay a 20 dollar ticket and 200 dollars in court fee's to a guy in a tellers box(the fact that that was no where near $200's worth of this guy's time is another discussion all together))

      I pulled around a corner saw him there and i knew i was boned.

      Oh and the fire fighter licence plates work well also, my sister driver her hubby's car because he has the plates, apparently she's been pulled and told to slow down, but never a ticket.

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