Soldier Crossed into Mexico with Firearms

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      It is in the news in El Paso today that a US soldier with two firearms in his
      car accidentally crossed into Mexico and was arrested for having an AR-15,
      a handgun, and ammo for both in his vehicle. He is going to spend time
      in prison for that.

      The newspaper story is that he was driving though El Paso on his way
      to California. The newspaper said he wanted to park on this side of the
      border, then walk over to have lunch in Mexico. I don't know why anyone
      with half a brain would want to do that, but that is his story.

      Then he made a wrong turn and ended up on the wrong side of the border.

      If his family is related to Howard Hughes, or has a bunch of stock in
      Microsoft, he maybe able to pay a large chunk of "la Mordida" to the right
      people and get a reduced sentence. I think the minimum penalty for having
      even one round of ammo is 5 years.

      The moral of the story is that if you don't know your way around El Paso,
      don't even THINK of going near the border with firearms or ammo in your
      car. This guy did, and it is going to cost him the next 5 years (minimum) of
      his life.

      Sad. Very sad.

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      So if Mexico has a right-wing press, perhaps a real Mexican El Rushbo, will this now be an "border incursion by the American military?"

      I can't speak for Texas, but in Arizona it's very easy to cross the border without even knowing it.
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      I can relate to getting "herded" across the boarder.

      I was in Brownsville, TX a few years back with a friend and we wanted to take a look at Matamoros, Mexico while we were there. We were on a cross country road trip at the time and didn't want to leave our car - filled with a month's worth of supplies and clothes - alone on the Mexico side of the boarder, so we planned on parking in Texas and walking across.

      Anyway, we got caught in the traffic going across the boarder and when we tried to turn around, the US Boarder control flagged us down and tore our car apart. The only "contraband" we were carrying was cigars and some booze, so we got to enjoy the show for an hour or so while they looked through a whole lot of dirty laundry.

      It was a bit nutty getting searched by the Boarder Control for doing a U-turn, and without leaving the country! Especially since this happened in 1998 - while we were still blissfully ignorant of terrorist threats.

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