Figured it all out...

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      Figured it all out...

      Okay, so I've done some thinking about what I wanna do with my life. I think a lot of you are familiar with my hopes and dreams of being a SEAL. Anyway, I will be graduating next spring with a major in economics and minor in business. The summer afterward I'll be attending OCS, and graduate to be eligible to go into the Navy as an officer. My first priority is to complete BUD/S and make it onto a SEAL team, in which case I would most likely make that my career until I'm too old or get KIA. I'm gonna spend the next 12+ months training myself both physically and mentally, and when I get to BUD/S, give it everything I've got, and then some. If it boils down the fact that I'm not cut out to be a SEAL, I'll have a backup plan as a Naval officer rather than an enlisted deck scrubber. If I end up going down that road, I may stay in for my three years and come back to civilization and use my college degree to bring in some steady income, or I may choose to stick around for a bit. On the other hand, if I head home as an officer at an early age (or as a former SEAL), I may choose to go into the FBI, a DEA/SWAT law enforcement agency, or possibly even the coast guard. Being a SEAL or a Naval officer would look pretty good on a resume.

      I haven't posted in awhile...been super busy with school, I've been spending more time with my puppy, I got a new mattress/springs that is absolute heaven, and I got a Bowflex Revolution last week. Sure beats going to the gym, getting parking tickets while I'm there, and having to fight the freshman crowds who are there to socialize.

      For the firearms update, Dad really liked his b-day present (3.5" chamber 870 express). I handed him a wrapped up box of shotgun shells on Easter and told him happy early b-day. He thanked me and opened the box and said, "Son, how am I gonna use these? I don't have a shotgun." I brought the terribly wrapped 870 out from behind a door and he got on me about spending money, but after he unwrapped it, he wouldn't put it down. We're going turkey hunting in a couple of weeks. He informed me that he wanted a wooden-stocked 16-gauge, which I think is silly. But if that's the case, he could give me the 870 back and I could use it for birds or something. A Benelli with 18" barrel and ghost rings doesn't qualify well for airborne targets. Or I could sell it.

      I'm considering duracoating the slide on my XD white. It looks fabulous with the stainless slide, but a bi-tone with a white slide would look super hot IMO.

      My CCDW paperwork still hasn't arrived (was shipped to KY state police on 1/29). I called them two weeks ago and they said I was in the 7th of seven background checks, so I should have it soon.

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      If you decide to forgo the dreams of being a seal or things don't work out just the way you plan (they rarely do) and you want to stay in KY, I have contacts at both Lexmark and Proctor & Gamble where I have done some significant consulting work and maintained multiple "C" level contacts.

      However, follow the dreams as far as they take you. I've figured a few things out in my 40 years. I teach my daughters, ages 11, 8 and 7, there are three fundamental things that will put you ahead of 90% of all Americans. I believe these apply throughout life.

      #1. Learn to wake up/never hit the snooze button. Get up early and be functional right away
      #2. Be pleasant/kill em with kindness. This will become second nature and when it happens your disposition will invariably be pleasant.
      #3. Always provide outstanding customer service in everything you do/attend to details. Start early with household chores. Do them well and find subtle perfection in everything you do.

      Now that you have read my words of wisdom, go back and crack the books.

      BTW check out books by Larry Winget. You'll enjoy them.

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      This has nothing to do with your life plans, but as far as the XD is concerned, if you're going to coat the slide white then sell the bi-tone and coat the slide of an all black XD. Just my .02


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      Good luck with the S.E.A.L. career path! Thats some haaaaaard work. Try looking for a couple of the 'how to train like a seal' books floating around.

      Although if your not dead-set on SEAL, I would point out that Army Special Ops (18 series) is really hurting for personnel...they've been stop-lossed for 3 years now, and are actively seeking new recruits from underneath every rock, but as you may guess qualified candidates are rare.

      Most Army enlisted in a combat MOS are getting 'shopped' through all the specialist training nowadays until they get S->F or flunk out, and then are assigned to units based on what they passed. I.E. Basic ->ICS ->Airborne ->R.I.P. (not quite real ranger school) ->Air Assault ->Ranger School->Special Forces Selection ->Special Forces Training ->Special Forces Task-specific training. Then they get assigned to an alpha attachment until they are experienced enough to be assigned to another detachment

      Best of luck to you!

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      I went USAF ROTC in college, and served as an USAF Officer in Los Angeles. There's no better people in the world to work with than US Military men and women.

      Now... I've got nothing against the Navy (Mr Ice Cream Man... Stop me when 'm passing by... SORRY SQUIDS)... 'cept for that 6 months at sea crap... on a ship that is 90% guys. If you truely want a special forces carear, I'd echo Anarius and go green. If you go blue, look into the Combat Controlers. They are the guys who get into places they "shouldn't be", usually with a few SEALs, point lasers at hard targets so the laser-guided bombs can find them, report back on the damage, and get the hell out.

      They train BUDS w/ the Navy, Air Insertion with the Rangers, and do it all. A little "higher tech" though.

      Good luck buddy!
      PS... Train the brain first, the body second. You won't even get to test the body in the mdern SF community if the brain doesn't pass the test first.



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      I had it all figured out when I was in my early twenties, too. Yet somehow my figuring didn't include working for Galco, an extended vacation in Afghanistan, or a move to Arizona. To once again quote the great philosopher Jayne Cobb, "What you plan and what actually takes place ain't ever exactly been similar."
      Employed by Galco Gunleather - / Veteran OEF VIII

      Donate to the Christian and Stephanie Nielson Recovery fund: .

      All opinions, particularly those involving politics and Glocks, are mine and not Galco's.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Mike Barham View Post
      To once again quote the great philosopher Jayne Cobb, "What you plan and what actually takes place ain't ever exactly been similar."
      Ain't that the truth! I sure haven't planned half the turns my life has taken.

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      fivehourfrenzy: Sir; congratulation with your endeavor. Honorable and respectable.
      Proper conditioning proper food, proper thinking will help. Mind set, determination, and some luck. [injury's]

      You will enjoy some mental, physical, questioning moments. Their way of separating the wannabes. You'll make it, cause you are starting now.
      Prepare yourself and enjoy the experiences.

      Within the specials there are specialist. Complete and compete for the top spot, give your dream an opportunity.

      "Wisdom of an unknown author"

      'Accept the things I cannot change, have courage to change the things I can
      and have the wisdom to know the difference.'

      Carry your torch with Pride. Thanks for sharing

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      Sounds like a great plan. From what I've seen and read about SEAL training is, "get use to the cold". That is one of the hardest things to cope with.

      I'd second the Air Force Combat Controlers. When I was an Air Force Security Policeman one of my friends cross trained to the Combat Controlers. He loved it! A few years ago I was at an air show and say the CC's with all kinds of cool toys.

      Air Force Para Rescue is a field I was always intrested in. They are some bad ass medics!

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