Several years ago my wife, her son and I ate at a very nice steakhouse in an area of Orlando that used to be called "Church Street Station".

As we were leaving the steakhouse, there was a guy on the sidewalk with a sign saying that he needed money for food.

My stepson had not been able to eat all of his Filet Mignon, and had it in a to go box. He offered the guy his Filet Mignon and the guy refused it saying that he preferred cash instead.

I looked at him and shook my head and told him that if he was really hungry he would not refuse a free steak dinner.

After that day, I NEVER offer anyone cash. If they are hungry, as a Christian, I will offer them food, but NEVER any cash.

I really think Local governments have got to come up with some Panhandaling laws that have some teeth to them, and then enforce them.

On a positive note, My wife and I were on Dale Mabry near Raymond James stadium in Tampa and stopped for a redlight. A guy with a sign began to approach our car, but before he could do so a Tampa Police Officer pulled up from the other direction, stopped, ordered the guy to give HER (yep, female cop) his sign and then ordered him to leave the area.

My wife and I were so impressed that I rolled down my window and we yelled thank you to her before she had a chance to drive off.

She just smiled and waved and she drove off and the panhandler left the area.

Ah yes, there is some justice still in the world