10mm vs .357sig
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Thread: 10mm vs .357sig

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    10mm vs .357sig

    hey guys, just wanted to hear some people sound off about their preferences here...similar ballistics, similar magazine sizes depending on maker...so let's here your choices...

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    I've had both and like both. Both eject empty cases with damn near the same foot pounds of energy at the 25acp. Okay that ejected brass thing may not be true but I couldn't pick one other the other. Glad I could be of such great help to you.

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    10mm allows use of considerably heavier bullets, but only fits in bigger guns with .45ACP cycle length. 10mm seems like a better outdoorsman's gun than .357SIG, but I'd rather have the .357SIG for defense since it comes in guns that are smaller and easier to carry.

    That said, I don't really see what the .357 does defensively that can't be done with a .40S&W.
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