Can Do/ Can't Do
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    Can Do/ Can't Do

    Saw this on another forum, thought it might be interesting. Put as many or as few as you'd like.

    Can: Do Calculus
    Can't: Do my taxes

    Can: Play the guitar
    Can't: Play Guitar Hero

    Can: Roof a wrist-shot nine times out of 10.
    Can't: Make two out of 10 free-throws.

    Can: Do grammar flawlessly.
    Can't: Spell.

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    Can: Imagine myself owning a tricked out, full custom 1911.
    Can't: Afford one

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spartan View Post
    Can: Do Calculus
    Can't: Do my taxes
    ... Ain't that the truth!

    But why not?
    The current federal tax code is ONLY a simple 65,000+ pages long.

    It takes a lot of pages of loop-holes for your typical garden variety Senator or Congressman to take care of his campaign funders ya know.

    (see the signature)

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    Can: look at other women
    Can't: touch- unless I want Bobittized

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