Home Alone take 2

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      Home Alone take 2

      Okay, so you know that part in Home Alone when the dude slides all the way down the iced up steps to the basement? Yeah that happened to me today. That part of the movie is no longer funny.

      I told a buddy I'd pick him up and take him to work this morning. I was supposed to pick him up at 11:20. I woke up with my alarm blaring at 11:45. Called him and told him I was on the way. I threw on some sweatpants and a hoodie, washed my faced, told the pup I'd be right back, and ran out the door. Now our apartment is a townhouse, and we take up the 2nd and 3rd stories of our building. The front door has steps that go down to the ground, we have a private deck on the back of the 1st floor (which is really the 2nd floor), and I have a deck on the back of my room that has three sets of steps that go down to the parking lot. I decided to take the fast way out the back from my deck. I sprinted down the first two sets of steps, and as I was rounding the corner onto the 3rd, it occurred to me that it was cold out, and I noticed after the 1st step that the standing water on the parking lot had frozen over. I decided to put on the brakes but it was too late. My left foot hit the 2nd step and I went down, flinging my wallet, cell phone, and keys into the air. I thought it would just be a solid thud and I'd get back up. No...my ass landed square on the corner of the 2nd step, and I proceeded to slide all the way down on my side. It SUCKED. I landed on my feet standing at the bottom and started to grin, but then the pain really sat in. My left ankle was completely scraped up, my left ass cheek felt like it had been ripped clean off, my entire leg was in a world of pain, and I was lucky I missed this nail that needs to be hammered down another 1/4" to get the head flush with the wood. It would've sliced my leg wide open had I hit it. My cell phone now looks like it went through a cement mixer, and somehow the D-ring that holds all my keys together got opened and my keys were all over the place.

      Bad start to a horrible day. I got nothing accomplished, felt like crap, but at least when I went to my 7 o'clock class this incredibly cute girl I invited to go camping with me next week for spring break asked me what to bring camping. So I guess she's going. This is not the girl that I took shooting the other night...that girl sits a few seats back in the corner. Oh well, at least this one is way cuter, not in a sorority, and has the greatest personality ever.

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      Yikes! But if it ends with a date- who cares.

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