Man Gets Probation After Claiming To Be Jack Bauer

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      Man Gets Probation After Claiming To Be Jack Bauer

      Man Gets Probation After Claiming To Be Jack Bauer
      BALTIMORE (AP) ―

      A college student was given probation for repeatedly ramming his car into another man's vehicle, claiming the man was a terrorist and he was the character Jack Bauer, a federal agent on the Fox television show "24."

      However, the victim, Marlon Cantoral, 30, provided a false address to police and did not appear in any of the court proceedings, prompting prosecutors to enter into a plea deal with the student, Edgar Sullivan, 23, of Elverson, Pa. The student faced up to 10 years in prison for second-degree assault, a charge that was dropped as part of the plea deal.

      Cantoral may have been living in the United States illegally, and that may have caused him to provide the fake address, said Wayne Kirwan, spokesman for the Howard County State's Attorney's Office.

      According to charging documents, Sullivan was driving his Ford Escape on Interstate 95 last February when he struck Cantoral's van. Cantoral left the highway and was struck a second time before he drove over a grass median strip and fled on foot into the lobby of the Patuxent Institution Correctional Facility.

      Sullivan followed Cantoral inside and tried to assault him, shouting "he's a terrorist," according to charging documents. "My name is Jack Bowers (Bauer) and I work for the FBI and the Secret Service. My wife and family was kidnapped by the president and terrorist," Sullivan continued, The (Baltimore) Examiner reported Friday, citing charging documents.

      Officers contacted Sullivan's father who said his son was not married and the family was fine, authorities said. In court Thursday, Sullivan apologized for the incident, telling Howard County Circuit Judge Richard Bernhardt that he has been attending alcohol treatment and plans to graduate in May.

      Sullivan, a student at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County who pleaded guilty in September to drunken driving, smiled but did not speak as he left the courthouse with his parents.

      "This is rather embarrassing for him," Sullivan's attorney Charles Broida said after the court appearance.

      "It was bizarre, but he doesn't remember it."

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      Wow! Can you say wacko. I don't think there is enough alcohol in the world to make a normal person do something like that. Crazy!

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