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      Thumbs up 5.11 Tactical Series

      I just want to give 5.11 Tactical a well deserved plug. A couple of weeks ago I decided to go "shoe" shopping down at FT.Bragg. I figured I'd go to General Jackson's since many soldiers shop there and I figured I could use their advice on picking a boot. The majority of guys were buying the Altama Desert Ripple Sole Boot. I liked this style boot, yet figured I wouldn't benefit having it considering I wouldn't be in the sand pit as much as them. I decided to go with the 5.11 HRT Desert Boot. That was not a mistake. They are without a doubt the most comfortable pair of boots I've ever worn. I would even classify them as comfortable as most athletic shoes I've worn. I normally walk my dog 2.5 miles every evening and I've been wearing these boots and I am blown away by the comfort and support. Not only walking, but overall wear around here and there, I would definitely recommend this boot.

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      I wear them on a daily basis and I can say that they dont hold up. I have had to have them replaced 2 times because they fell apart and now they have broke down they are killing my feet. They were very confortable at first, after about 6 months they started falling apart.

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      I have 3 pair of there pants and love them, great fit and feel. I love the mag pockets. Well worth the money.

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      I've got a pair of the XPRT boots and love them! I've also got their "CCW" jeans.

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      Moved this to Sound Off since it's about boots rather than gun carry.
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