Two men were standing in the corner of an observation platform on a tall sky scraper in New York City. They were admiring the view and watching others do the same. One of the men got an irritated look on his face, said something to the other man and then climbing up the security fence standing on top. The crowd ran to him yelling at him to stop and get down.

He jumped! The crowd peered over the side to see the man float back up and land on the fence. The crowd looked on with awl. He did it again with the same results.

He climbed down and someone asked him how he did that. He said that hot days like this it created a thermal so strong that it would carry a person back up to the top.

He then asked a woman standing in the corner and asked if she wanted to do it- she agreed. They jumped and sure enough. Up they floated gently landing on the fence.

Then the group of men who irritated the jumper asked if they could do it too. He said sure. So they jumped and fell to their deaths.

A person standing back along the wall said, “Boy, Clark Kent and Lois Lane sure hate anti-American Muslims.