Someone told me this! Please reply.

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      Talking Someone told me this! Please reply.

      I was at work the other day talking bout getting my CCW permit and my new gun when a person overheard me and said this. " 9 times outta 10 that a gun you posess generally gets used on yourself".
      Any takes on that??? LOL Rod

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      9 times out of 10, my gun is punching out X-rings.

      Tell him he's full of sh__.

      I think the latest tally of gun-owners in the US stood in the 8-digit territory. Someone at the NRA would know. If there are only 10,000,000 gun owners, 9 of 10 would be 9,000,000 people shot by their own guns...

      I'd wager theres more deaths from "Liberal Cranial Constipation" (Liberal Heads full of sh__) annually, than self-inflicted gun wounds...


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      My take is, the people who think that 9 out of 10 people who carry a gun has it used on them is one of those 9 who WOULD have it used on them. Anything that happens to 9 out of 10 people is to be taken with a grain of salt.

      That said, if you carry that gun without having the constitution and will to use it if necessary, it WILL be taken from you and it WILL be used against you. Thus, probably 9 out of 10 people WOULD have a gun taken and used against them if everybody carried; taking another life is never an easy thing to deal with no matter how badly he deserved it, and if you hesitate at the moment of truth you stand a good chance of dying.

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      I expect the person that made the 9 in 10 statement is one that suffers from severe "Liberal Cranial Constipation".

      Damn Jeff, you come up with some good ones. I am going to store this affliction away for later recall if you don't mind.

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      This is probably an offshoot of that flawed 'study' that claims that households with guns in them are more dangerous than other households.

      Here's the logic:

      (1) You don't own a gun--never had one, never touched one, don't want one.

      (2) A bad guy breaks into your home. He's got a gun.

      (3) Presto-chango, your household now has a gun in it, and it is dangerous to you.

      I am not lying, that's the results of the 'study.'

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      I'd agree w/ Jeff. That person couldn't tell shit from a Turkey sandwich.

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      Yes that is a typical trait of the far left wing of the Dumbocrate party. They suffer from rectal rigor mortis and it causes the waste to come out their mouths. Sad I know but ture.

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      True or not, I would say maybe, but not that high a number. Do not be just a gun owner. Get the training, re-fresh often, study, learn, get your CCW, think out the scenarios in your mind and practice, and share ideas and questions with other CCW folks and the people on this forum. Understand your rights and obligations in your state and local area, and do not be one of the whatever the number is that has it happen to. If you are not willing to act definitively and with knowledge, yes, I could happen.

      Go for it, otherwise you will not even have the chance to defend yourself! I can guarantee you that some of the students at Va Tech would have like to have had the chance to find out the odds for themselves, as they did not fair to well with nothing to defend themselves.

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      One of the twenty five rules for a gunfight:
      Someday someone may kill you with your own gun, but they should have to beat you to death with it because it is empty.

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      You need to find different people to hang around and tell Sarah Brady that she is wrong.

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      Not sure where the current stats stand, but it used to be that something like 20% of murdered cops were killed with their own guns. These are people who intentionally close with violent people and put their guns is close proximity to criminals who want to hurt them. Armed citizens do nothing of the sort, and so their numbers would logically be much less.

      I am sure somewhere, some armed citizen has been killed with his/her own gun, but it is very, very far from commonplace. Stats collected by professors like Gary Kleck and John Lott have shown that guns used in defense are only fired 1 time in 20. Most people, including criminals, have no desire to get shot, and flee at the sight of a gun - rather than fighting over it with an armed citizen.

      The guy is clearly talking out his ass, and probably making up the number on the spot. I'd ask him to cite his sources.
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      67% of all statistics are made up on the spot.

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      Here are some facts

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      Quote Originally Posted by SuckLead View Post
      67% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
      Can you prove this? -I heard it ws 66%

      The anti-gun group Handgun Control Inc. has a website that is full of "facts" like this, with no proof to support the statements. In other woods, pure BS, probably the largest source of pure BS outside of DC.

      I live in a county in PA in which over 25 thousand people have CCW licenses, and if the 90% figure were even close, there would be bodies on the street. There are not, at least most of the time.

      FWIW, I am a third generation Democrat, have been legally carrying a handgun for nearly 16 years and on occasion before that.


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