View Poll Results: Where do you get the best deal from an FFL on a new gin?

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  • Internet - etc..

    6 30.00%
  • Gun Show

    9 45.00%
  • Gun Store/Range

    1 5.00%
  • Gun Store/Pawn Shop

    4 20.00%
  • Sporting goods store - Outdoor World/ Academy/ Cabella's ect..

    0 0%
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    Where is Everybody Finding the Best Deal.

    I am looking at getting a gun or 2 this month. Where have you guys had the most success. (Buying from a company/FFL - and not off another private citizen)

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    Where do you get the best deal from an FFL on a new gin?
    Can't buy gin from an FFL in NC, we have to go to the State run liquor store.

    I've gotten good prices on guns from , but that really depends of the local FFLs that choose to affiliate themselves with that website. Can be a good deal in one area and a so-so deal in another.

    The same is true with gun stores and gun shows, and what you consider to be a good deal.
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    Dang! He beat me to it.

    Gin's not my thing. Bourbon on the other hand...

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    Hey, I wouldn't mind going to a GIN show! Then lock it all up in my GIN safe. Remember, GIN doesn't kill people, wait a sec. yes it does.

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    None of the above I'm related to someone with an FFL so I get at wholesale.

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    When I start hunting for what I want I call the local dealers first and get their price. Then I check out the internet. I use to be a fan of Buds guns online but feel they have gone up in price. I know they now have shipping in their price and when they did not you could get it reduced sometimes. I have to take Tax into consideration. CDNN has had the best deals for me and they don't overcharge for shipping but since they are in Texas I have to pay taxes. That's when the gun shows get my business. I still have to pay taxes but no shipping and they either have the same price as CDNN or a little better. I'm talking new guns. Used I have yet to find a better deal than someone walking around selling at the gun shows and used guns from CDNN. I have yet to find any deals on gunbrokers. It must be the way I search because I have heard others getting good deals.

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    Big gun shows where there is more than one volume dealer are the best. You can get them down in a hurry and you don't have to mess around. The guns that are on line if they are on sale are good deals sometimes. If there not on sale your going to pay MSRP. Most shops will not come down more than 3-5% at best. Now this is buying new not used. That's a whole different ball game.

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    Tomball pawn by us has the best prices. On my Springfield XD 40 , they were $50 cheaper than everyone else. New not used. Going back to buy a Kel tec 9mm.

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    I'm pretty much stuck with the net. There are a few dealers that use to be close enough to drive to until the price of gas went up. Now I have to decide if I want to spend $20.00 to just go and press the glass. The Para 1911 I just ordered is being delivered to a dealer that is a 30 min. drive on mostly interstate so you get the picture. There's a simi-anual gun show that's about an hour and a half away that I'm gonna start checking out.

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    I've gotten my best deals at gun shows. Less overhead and they are more willing to deal.

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    Make friends with an FFL that deals with Gallery of Guns. If you can get a good price from the FFL the Gallery of Guns warranty works. Should you have a problem they will give you a different gun without a lot of argument. I have used it.

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