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      Esoteric Legal Question

      Sorry about the long posting. (Yes, it is ironinc that Imy apology about the long posting actually lengthens the posting )
      I have recently been I have been visiting gun sites for manufacturers, and I have noticed that some of them kind of suck. I am a professional web designer for ad agencies here in Dallas (going on 11 years now), and I was thinking that I could improve on some of them and seeing if I can get services in trade.

      My question is this: Can I legally approach them and say:

      "Hey, can I redesign your website for you? I would like to be paid in your product line. Just ship them to a FFL in Dallas or Plano, and I will pick them up there. As you are the manufacturer, it would be cheaper for you to do that than to write me a check. I will also do monthly/quarterly updates to your site in exchange for every new model you make."

      I accept trade in other industries all the time. – I have been paid in shrimp, VIP passes, symphony tickets, a laptop, Muy Thay lessons, and spa treatments for my wife; can I do something similar here? Would it even be legal to ask?

      Has anyone done stuff like this?
      Mechanic to an FFL:
      "Sure I'll fix your car for the price of parts and the new Walther!"

      I was going to hit up companies like "Bersa" ( and "Hi-point" ( Their websites are kind of lame.

      I figure that Bersa's whole "Thunder Line " retails for under $3,500 (guessing) and I think that's what it would take to get them a site that looks like Glocks' ( or Ruger's (

      If it works I'll have range reports out the wazoo, and I will also try it with ammo manufacturers (well, maybe not Wolf).

      Let me know what you guys think. Especially if it's not legal to even ask them I'd like to know.

      Thanks a bunch.

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      As long as you tell the I.R.S. why not? You'll still have to meet all local and federal gun ownership laws. Give it a try.
      When you hit-up Bersa, (Eagle Imports) also ask S.G.S. (Firestorm). Note they have the same address, different phone number,though.
      I used to own a home six blocks from their offices, that's why I noticed the address.

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      Thanks Drummin. I was thinking there was some weird import munitions law or something. That in Florida? You're right about the IRS, I always have to be very meticulous about that because you know they(my clients) write it off as a loss. I'll give it a shot.

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