IQ tests for sale on Ebay

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      IQ tests for sale on Ebay

      IQ Tester Complains About Offers on EBay

      By MICHELLE ROBERTS, Associated Press Writer

      Tuesday, December 18, 2007

      (12-18) 10:28 PST SAN ANTONIO (AP) --

      Intelligence tests widely used to help determine the competence of criminal defendants and the placement of students are for sale on eBay Inc.'s online auction site, and the test maker is worried they will be misused.

      The series of Wechsler intelligence tests, made by San Antonio-based Harcourt Assessment Inc., are supposed to be sold to and administered by only clinical psychologists and trained professionals.

      Given more than a million times a year nationwide, according to Harcourt, the intelligence tests often are among numerous tests ordered by prosecutors and defense attorneys to determine the mental competence of criminal defendants. A low IQ, for example, can be used to argue leniency in sentencing.

      Schools use the tests to determine whether to place a student in a special program, whether for gifted or struggling students.

      Harcourt officials say they fear the tests for sale on eBay will be misused for coaching by lawyers or parents.

      But eBay has denied their request to restrict the sale of the tests.

      EBay officials say there is nothing illegal about selling the tests, and it cannot monitor every possible misuse of items sold through its network of 248 million buyers and sellers.

      So ebay can't monitor everything it sells, but it manages to monitor anything gun related?

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      I dropped my e-bay and pay-pal junk a long time ago. aia never go there.

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