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      More Muslim Love...

      I've seen a few of these posts lately. In light of what's happening around the world and in this country regarding extremists in the Muslim faith, how can they possibly hope to assimilate into the Western world when so many of them take a book so damn literally.

      I find it hard to imagine me having anything in common with a population where so many zealots kill for no reason. They seem to have no regard for life, including that of their own family--usually women. It's sad really, but it makes me want to impart severe physical violence on these miserable cowards who are no better than animals. I can't figure it out, because when I look at my son all I think about is how deep in love I am with him and can't imagine doing this.

      And, I don't care that I'm overgeneralizing. If the shoe fits, wear it. I don't plan on running for President, so eat me.

      Father killed daughter for not wearing hijab, her friends say

      Dec 11 12:56 PM US/Eastern
      Muslim Man Kills Daughter For Not Wearing Hijab

      Friends and classmates of a 16-year-old girl who police say was murdered by her devout Muslim father in a Toronto suburb told local media Tuesday she was killed for not wearing a hijab.
      Police said in a statement they received an emergency call at 7:55 am local time Monday from "a man who indicated that he had just killed his daughter."

      The victim, Aqsa Parvez, was "rushed to hospital with life-threatening injuries, but tragically passed away late last night."

      Her father, Muhammad Parvez, 57, was arrested at the scene and will be formally charged with murder when he appears in court Wednesday, said police.

      The girl's friends, meanwhile, told local media she was having trouble at home because she did not conform to the family's religious beliefs and refused to wear a traditional Islamic head scarf, or hijab.

      "She wanted to go different ways than her family wanted to go, and she wanted to make her own path, but he (her father) wouldn't let her," one of her classmates told public broadcaster CBC.

      "She loved clothes," another of her friends, Dominiquia Holmes-Thompson, told the daily Toronto Star. "She just wanted to show her beauty ... She just wanted to dress like us, just like a normal person."

      According to her friends, Aqsa had worn the hijab at school last year, but rebelled in recent months.

      They said she would leave home wearing a hijab and loose-fitting clothes, but would take off her head scarf and change into tighter garments at school, then change back before going home at the end of the day.

      The victim's 26 year-old brother was also charged with obstructing police in the investigation.

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      "Honor" killings are fairly commonplace here. As the Muslim population in the West increases, you can bet there will be an increase of them there. The question we punish the killers according to Western standards, or do we become more PC and "morally relativistic" and go easy on these deranged zealots?
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      I argued for cultural moral differences before (in the opposite corner from you, Mike), but this question throws all that out the window. Our house, our rules. Honor killings may be commonplace, even acceptable in the Middle East, but not in Canada and definitely not in the USA. It's murder, plain and simple. Whether it's because your daughter refused to wear a headscarf or because she ran off with an infidel and got married or pregnant, none of it justifies killing.

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