Another WW II fighter plane.........

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    Another WW II fighter plane.........

    My saddle pal awhile back is Chinese. We referred to him as our "Chinese Cowboy" of the Tres Amigos! One morning while riding, we fell to talking about this 'n' that.

    Turns out his wife was raised near one of the old "Flying Tiger" airfiels in China. I think it was near Kunming, though not sure.

    She had told him of seeing a P-40 crash land in a lake. And, as far as she knew, it was still there. There has been some interest in this as, if able to be recovered, it is the only surviving plane of the original 90 supplied to China in the forming of the AVG. This is one of the P-40B models.

    Bob Wright

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    I beleive you would have a hard time with the government over there. They don't seem to interested in history or anything like that.

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    Greenbacks speak chinese. If there are enough of them you'd be surprised who will listen.

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    Whats the use? It would be coverd in lead based paint when we got it back...
    "Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." -Mark Twain

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