Does America want them Again??

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      Angry Does America want them Again??

      Here's some facts on a couple of hippy's.

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      Not me

      I sure as hell don't want 'em again!

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      I do not like the Clintons. That said, I (along with most Americans) also think the draft was wrong and/or immoral. Aren't Americans obligated to resist immoral laws?

      The abolition movement helped free slaves, which was illegal, because laws allowing slavery were immoral.

      During Prohibition, many "speakeasies" remained open in defiance of the law, and we don't condemn them today because that Amendment was wrong to tell Americans what they could or couldn't do with their own bodies.

      The civil rights movement broke laws promoting racial segregation on many occasions. We (generally) approve of this because those laws were clearly immoral.

      In the shooting community, we have many folks who advocate breaking, sometimes violently, gun control laws they consider immoral.

      People who avoided the draft were just passively resisting an immoral law. In America, the government doesn't own you. You own the government, and you own your own body.

      Anyway, Hillary Clinton did not dodge the draft. Bill did. I am not sure she should be punished for the actions of her husband. There is a lot to dislike about her minus Bill, anyway.
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      In June 1969, I went. And it sure as hell wasn't to Canada! I wasn't too happy with Carter either. Lettin those butt holes back.

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      Absolutely Not!!!

      I will say this....with the events over the past few days things don't look good for the Clintons. If you get a chance, listen to Sean Hannity's radio show...he really digs deep on little miss Hilliary.

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      Draft or no Draft, Dodging or not She is not the person for the job of President nor is Oboma or etc. etc..

      I shudder to think. My wife who always cancels out my ballot feels as I do on this one. Big but pleasant surprise for me. I certainly hope a few more husbands get the same surprise.

      God bless America and vote the riff raff out.

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      I have great respect and gratitude for your actions and values, Mike. You are physically where I cannot be and I trust your abilities to offer me and mine the protection you afford. Thankyou.

      There is a fine line between morality and duty. You have defined that line in a manner acceptable to you, and to the vast majority of those you left behind. Your values are acceptable within the society you call "home". The "correctness" of your decision is left to the historians of the future.

      Please continue to value your "duty" within the acceptable "morality" of the society you defend.

      Remember, a .223 can be made to tumble with devastating results.


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