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Thread: Sig Sauers BS customer service

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    Sig Sauers BS customer service

    Just had to write this note cause this incident really ticked me off. Recently(month ago) I bought a sig 1911,a very pricey one at that and it shoots fine. After shooting a hundred rounds through it I happened to notice that the aluminum trigger was deeply scratched on the sides. I live nearby the Sig place so I brought it down to have them look at it. Three of their techs all told me the same BS story that " Oh all the aluminum triggers do that, that's within company specs. "In fact any company that uses aluminum triggers has this same issue. Not a big thing". Well I think its a big thing when you pay $1100 for a respected gun and have to deal with this crap. What do you think?

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    They are correct, they all do that where the trigger moves back and forth within the frame especially if it's a steel frame against an aluminum trigger. You can always polish the sides of the trigger and the slot inside the frame where it rides. Unfortunately dirt will get in between and the scratches will re-appear. You could also replace the trigger with an all stainless steel trigger and polish the sides as they usually come with a bead blasted matte finish. With this type of finish scratches will also show up, not so much with a mirror type finish. Another thing you could do is use some 400 grit wet or dry sandpaper and polish the sides of the trigger giving it a "brushed look" in the direction that the trigger travels. Chances are that the dirt or tool marks which are scratching the trigger will not show up as much as they will pretty much be of the same "grit" as the dirt or tool marks.
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    Scratches show you actually use the gun.
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    guns that get used appear like they have been used. Bagging on SS customer service over this kinda sux.


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    Fine scratches are completely normal but if they are deep the frame is overly rough. Look at an old 1911 with a steel trigger, the sides are worn away too but the steel doesn't scratch as deeply.

    If it bothers you buy a new trigger and fit it to the gun. Once the shoe height is fit you can fit the bow snug to the frame to minimize lateral movement. You'll still get a little rub if you sideload the trigger but you can minimize the scrubbing.

    I forgot to say it yesterday, pull the trigger and clean up the trigger shoe cut in the frame (sides, not top and bottom). Don't file it, just wrap a piece of 600 wet paper over a file or anything for a block and polish up the roughness to help minimize the marking. I also do the trigger track to make the bow slide smoother in the frame.

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    I guess that's why I don't buy 1,100 dollar handguns...I tend to scratch them up by using them too much.


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