Next purchase...1911
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    Next purchase...1911

    Hey guys, new to the forum and still kinda new to the scene. Ive been shooting for 2 years now and I have 3 firearms. Kel-tec PF9, Ruger SR9 and Glock 21....Ive wanted a 1911 for a while now and I think its gonna be my next purchase, probably around christmas.

    Ive been researching a few models and came across a few I like. Dont really have a price range, it will all depend on how much I have to spend when the time comes...So I wanted to know sum good brand/models in all price ranges.

    Ive been looking at a few Kimbers, Springfields, and the Ruger sr1911...I really like the Ruger sr1911. I see its getting great reviews and Ruger cant keep enough in stores. Any help is greatly appreciated

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    Of those 3 I would go Springfield Armory,there quality improved years ago and make a good piece.

    I'm not a Kimber fan,their warranty is short and QC has been spotty for a long time.I do have to say problems are minor now compared to years ago,they're normally simple fixes.

    The Ruger I don't know,heard mostly good on them.

    Go to and go to the manufacturer's section,you can find out just about anything you want to know about a brand.Just remember everyone and their brother are making them now,and there's going to be a lemon from everyone at some point,some just have more than others.

    I still prefer Colt and have 3 ranging from 1918 to the mid 80s.I had a real early SA (Springfield) that was a good gun,but got a later one that was an out of spec nightmare.Still have that one I'll throw a 22 upper on one day.After that one they tightened up on quality,and I'd buy a newer one if I were in the market for one.

    Enjoy the hunt.

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