An interesting Remington Rand...

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      An interesting Remington Rand...

      This pistol was issued in 1946 by the Naval Gun Factory in D.C. to a LtJg. who was a courier for Operation Crossroads at Bikini Atoll. Operation Crossroads was the first nuclear test after the war, which consisted of two detonations, Shot Able and Shot Baker. I have the original documents and all the equipment that came with it...

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      That Sir is a very fine peice of American History you have there. Portect it wisely and show it for other Americans can enjoy it. I sure am enjoying it myself. Thank You.

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      "Able" and "Baker", the old phonetic alphabet. Brings back a few memories. The old version was being phased out and the newer phased in during my brief service career.

      Bob Wright

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