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Thread: First 1911 Buy

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    No misinterpretation at all here- I agree with you completely! -Ever handle the GP 100 357 mag?-thung is built like a tank! take care

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    I had one. Fun to shoot. I don't care for them as far as self defense guns just for the simple fact of ammo capacity and the reloading of the gun. On the upside I do like the fact that if you needed to cram the revolver into someone's stomach and pull the trigger you don't have to worry about a revolver coming out of battery.

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    That price leaves an open field.For a little more you could have a Baer.Within your range my first choice would be a Colt Combat Elite or upper end SA,maybe a Wesson but I have no experience with them.Don't waste your time with Kimber,they're priced with and above Colt and they have one of the highest failure rates of the major players.For some reason they can't set up an extractor because that's usually the first problem most have,but that's only the most common problem.

    If a 1911 isn't definate and a great 1911 style will work,You can't beat an HK USP or HK45.I have a USP Tactical that's wicked.All the negative you hear is mainly jealous BS.They don't cost too much,a 1911 is the same price.Standard models could use trigger work but there are a few variations that a mechanically inclined person can do.They are litterally drop in and we're still less than most put into a 1911.Now you're done,don't need a reliability job,sights,tighter bushing,yada yada.It runs out of the box for a long time and the springs last 5+ times longer than a 1911.Glocks,XDs and M&Ps are for those that will settle for less.They're good guns,just not in the league with HK or FN.

    I'm a 1911 diehard but I figured I'd throw that in,my HK could almost replace one.

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    FoxtrotSniper, my choice would be a Les Baer PremierII. It is in your price range and it is in the same league as the big boys like Wilson, Nighthawk, and a coupla others, but for a lot less money. With a Baer, you are good to go right out of the box (after a short break-in, of course) for recreation or defense.

    My next choice would be a Colt 1911. They are the original 1911, are put together nicely, and hold their value well. I do think for a defensive gun that a reliability package from a good gunsmith is in order, to bring it up to spec. But after that, no worries. Good luck.

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    I have a Para-Ord P14-45 Limited. I just recently acquired a Ruger SR 1911. Those are the only two 1911's that I have.

    If you can wait until the Ruger buying frenzy dies down, get one of the Ruger 1911's. It's a great gun, excellent fit / finish, and it shoots as well, if not better, than it looks.

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    The "finicky" 1911's started when every tom dick and harry making them started playing with the tolerances.
    Using someones word here earlier the 1911GI was "rolling in the mud" all thru WWII and did just fine because the tolerances given to them by the original manufacturers were the "correct ones" and not the fancy smancy tolerances the "custom" gun builders decided they needed

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