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    Military 1911

    Are actual military issued 1911s still available? How much do they cost nowadays? I don't know much about 1911s but I'm interested in owning one that has some history to it.

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    Here's an article on buying US GI 1911's -

    They're around, some are relatively inexpensive while others are very expensive.

    It depends on which company made it, the number produced, and the condition. Refinished guns will generally command a lower price.

    Check out GunList for some leads.

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    Bring a big check book Their going higher and high each day.
    I have a shipped from Colt Aug, 1941 Colt USGI and its better than stock market of course I 'm not selling . I had mine about 15 years back then wasn't worth much. Today .

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    We had one in our evidence/gun room in Petrolium County Sheriff's Office. It was clearly marked "United States Property" on the right side of the slide, and parkerized. I had looked at it for possibly a duty weapon, but then I would of had to change out my duty holster and mag holders for the 1911 from the Glock 22 that had been carrying.

    This was a free one given to us by Fergus County Sheriff's Office prior to me arriving there. I could have purchased this from our department at the time for a song of a deal.

    Of course hind sight.....

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