Taurus PT 1911 45 ACP Yipee Yipee

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      Taurus PT 1911 45 ACP Yipee Yipee

      Well the long wait for my FAC is over, I picked up my new PT1911 in 45ACP, I went to the range, put on my Blackhawke Sherpa holster and my EZ grips and set out to zero it at 10Mtrs. Problem was,,, or should I say no problem was,,, It was spot on. I really love this wee gun and can't wait to go back to the range; which should be today but I have to watch the kids so it looks like a spot of rifle shooting up the back field will have to do. So I love my gun as I do all my guns. My pistol round up is:
      >> Taurus PT 1911 45ACP
      >> CZ 75 Shadow SP-01 9MM Luger
      >> Taurus Euro Champion .38/.357 mag 5" barrel revolver

      Here is a question for you .22LR pistol shooters. I want a .22LR to introduce my boys to pistol shooting and also for some cheap shooting. I have looks at the following guns (on the internet only):
      >> Ruger Mk3 target - I love the look of this gun, shot an MK2, good reviews, but right not to pricey
      >> Sig Mosquito - Looks good, price good, suits small hands - lots of bad reviews
      >> Walther P22 - Looks good, price good, suits small hands - better reviews than the Sig but still some doubt.
      >> Chiappa 1911-22 Target 22lr Pistol - looks good, reviews good, and price so far seems good.

      Have any of you used, own or know anyone who owns a Chiappa 1911-22 Target 22lr Pistol. At the moment this is the gun I want to research as I think it will tick all my boxes including price. I would appreciate honest comments and guidance. I have never heard of this brand until 2 weeks ago.

      Thanks guys

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      Stick with the proven Ruger and you will be very happy. There's three times the accessories out there for the Rugers as compared to anybody else. They will last a couple of life times if met half way with service.

      I have a 1977 MK-I Standard, a 2010 MK-III .22/45, and a 2010 MK-III Talo. Other pistols may be nice but it's hard to beat a Ruger who's been around since 1948.

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      Ruger Mark II I have one with over 100,000 rounds through it and it still shoot like it was designed. Properly maintained and it will out last your children.

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