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    paracoat touchup?

    I just purchased a new para expert gi. I love it,this gun must have been handled quite a bit and there is a few areas that the black para coat is worn. is there a touch up tick to blacken out these areas.I did buy this gun to carry and use but wnt to keep the finish looking nice.

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    Para's finish is known to not be very durable. If you are going to carry the gun anyway, I wouldn't worry about it.

    I have guns I carry, and then ones I never holster - I baby the finish on the ones I do not carry. On the others, I do not care.

    However, I would use someone like CCR Refinishing if you want a better finish. But, as you stated this is a carry gun, I think its a waste of money. You will be surprised how fast the gun will wear thru holstering and carrying.

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    I have a Para LTC and the finish went south really quick. I really love the pistol so I redid the finish in Duracoat. The stuff is standing up really well so far. You can apply the Duracoat with an air brush right over the old finish after a light sanding and degreasing. Here's a like to my thred on the repaint.
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