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Thread: True 1911

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    jwhisler's Avatar
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    I don't consider it a "true" 1911 because of it being DA

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    DevilsJohnson is offline Senior Member
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    Oct 2007
    Only some Para's are DA. The biggest thing that keeps them from being a true 1911 is the ramped barrel. I have two SAO paras here.

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    ABSOLUTELY NOT. Neither is a Kimber, Springfield, Taurus.

    It depends on where you draw the line. Many guns are based on the 1911-A1 design. If you want to be anal, the addition of a polished and throated barrel, a beavertail grip safety, a trigger stop, taller three-dot sights a barrel less or more than 5”, a guide rod, dehorning, fitted bushing, extended thumb safety, target barrel, tight frame to slide tolerances, flat mainspring, other than wood grips, ambidextrous thumb safety, extended slide release, rail, internal laser, forged frame vs. cast, supported chamber…the list goes on.

    IMHO a 1911 is any gun based on the frame, slide, operating system of the original 1911. It just depends on where you draw the line. Is the Para GI Expert a 1911? If so is the Tac Four? Is the change in trigger the defining difference that makes a gun no longer a 1911 based design?
    I think we use the “TERM” 1911 to describe any of the many offerings from Colt, Springfield, Kimber, Taurus, Ed Brown, STI, Night Hawk, Sig, Smith and Wesson etc… Very few of them are a “1911”.
    "Patriotism is supporting your country all the time, and your government when it deserves it." -Mark Twain

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    i voted nay.

    the main reason the 1911 is so popular to this day, i think, is the short light trigger stroke which allows very fast and accurate shooting.

    the para lda is a fantastic double action trigger pull, i just prefer the single action on my 1911's for the previously stated reason.

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    Double stacked 45s....not a big fan and never will be one.

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    It's an abomination

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    the.batman is offline Junior Member
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    The LDA is NOT a "true" 1911- is has a completely different firing system. I have never owned one and I have heard (but not experienced) that there are long term durability issues with the LDAs due to all the additional small parts. Make no mistake, the LDA firing system has more small parts and a completely different mechanical action than a John Browning design 1911 pistol.

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    I dont know what this is,so I will go do some research and then come back and vote.

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    A true M1911 is a single action only trigger. I say "nay."

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    Para makes or use to make their 18-9 as a true 1911 mechanically. Many look at a 1911 type pistol and if it is not 45acp it is not a 1911.
    To me as long as it operates by the original 1911 design then it is a true 1911. Caliber matters not.
    The Para LDA is a double action pistol. That makes it a 1911 like pistol in many ways, but a true 1911 is single action. There may be other changes that prevent it from being a true 1911 but the action change is all it takes in my book to take it off the true 1911 list.

    It does still look like one barring the trigger, but it is not one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom1911 View Post
    ...To me as long as it operates by the original 1911 design then it is a true 1911. Caliber matters not...
    I agree.
    Colt's made their Government Model in at least four different calibers: .45 ACP, 9mm, .38 Super, and .22 LR rimfire.
    (The rimfire version used a barrel with a very different chamber, but the rest of the pistol was the same as a standard Government Model.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by texgunner View Post
    A true M1911 is a single action only trigger. I say "nay."
    The Nays have made their points well!!

    I get it.

    I like the LD's keeping most of the manual of arms of the 1911 system , and the non cocked and lock carry ( though that aint really a problem for me... just that options are good)! Thanks for all of the replies...Khegg

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    No, but I love mine.

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    K.C. MO.
    I voted nay also.

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