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  • Springfield

    338 22.99%
  • Kimber

    381 25.92%
  • Colt

    284 19.32%
  • Smith and Wesson

    90 6.12%
  • Para

    78 5.31%
  • Other (If so, please list)

    299 20.34%
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Thread: Which 1911 brand do you prefer?

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    I had a beautiful fully customized Springfield that I thought was the greatest until I got my Kimber Ultra CDP II

    Even with the much shorter barrel I find it much more accurate than my old Full Size Springer, but that might just be a personal preference or ability... I am certain however, of the two, that the build quality and tolerances of Kimber far exceeded those of the Springfield...

    I have no doubt, that there are much better 1911s than my Kimber, perhaps even available at a lower cost...
    But for a CCW, I needed something smaller, lighter, and even pocket-able due to the hot climate where I live, and many of the higher end custom makers stick to offering FULL SIZE only... So I also give a vote to Kimber for offering so many different sizes and customization options in their catalog...

    The Ultra CDP II is such a great combination of quality, features, craftsmanship, good looks, weight, size, safety, and overall durability, that my search for the "Perfect" small. powerful, CCW is finally over...

    The best part is that for such a reduction in size and weight, I am only giving up ONE shot over the full size!!!

    One last comment... I keep reading complaints that a gun should not have a break in period and should be perfect out of the box... We are talking about fine tuned machines here, and even the finest Sports cars don't run their best until having driven for several thousand miles... In addition, it isn't that you cannot count on it as a self defense gun before the break in period, I merely think that it is meant to suggest that until it is broken in, it will not perform at it's maximum potential!!! I have been breaking mine in slowly but carrying it and feel perfectly comfortable using it for self defense...
    From day one using 5 different types of ammo, some ball, and some JHP, and even some reloads, it hasn't had a single failure of any kind and is as accurate as sniper rifle... I will simply take solace that when i have reached the broken in point, by then it will be performing as well as it can be...that's my take...

    If you want something that comes of the line running at it's best, buy a Honda or a Toyota... I don't mind owning a Porsche and having to take it easy until all the pistons and gears are all smoothed out due to their very tight tolerances... Frankly, it's the same with the Kimber... If it has roughly a 500 round break in period, just think what a long life of 1,000s & 1,000s of rounds without the least bit of maintenance you can expect... I could be wrong, but that is what I've read over and over again and have been told by more than a few gunsmiths...

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    Generally speaking like anything Springfield. But Para has one gun I would like to try.
    The Para 18-9. Just need 900.00 to order it.

    And with other less expensive pistols still on the buy list.

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    cwbjaxfl is offline Junior Member
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    jacksonville fl

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    Phantom5280 is offline Junior Member
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    Quote Originally Posted by ZENFLY View Post
    Dan Wesson...
    Now there is someone who knows his 1911's

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    Quote Originally Posted by Method View Post
    Which 1911 brand do you prefer? If you could, list a reason why. Past/current experience? Feel, dependibility, accuracy?

    If it's not on the list, feel free to state another option.

    I am looking to get a 1911. I know, I know....I just got my USP-C 9mm you say. Well I just can't help myself. :-D

    Let the debate begin....
    Springfield. Currently own one and really like it. Another reason I like it is because it's all American-made aside from the frame which is made in Brazil. Doesn't break the band too much either (I have the A1 Loaded). Not huge on Colts. I like them but two of my friends have Colts and have some problems with them time to time.

    The RIA A1 I had wasn't bad either but it's made in the Philippines.

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    Whitewright, Tx

    I said Colt

    Because my Defender is my main carry, but I also have a Kimber and an STI. I'm currently considering a Springfield lightweight loaded Champion.

    Actually, I like em all...

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    Central OH
    I'm new to 1911's but I've had the opportunity to shoot a few different Kimbers and my friend's Colt 1991. All of them have been nice to shoot but I had to vote for Kimber in this poll as I just put in an order for a Custom Stainless II.

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    can be found in Arizona or Ohio most of the time
    Thats a tough one Of the 8 non military issue 1911 I have 4 are colts and 4 are springfield armory. I shot both practical pistol and bullsye match. The run and gun 45 is a Springfield V-12 and the match gun is a custom built series 70 long slide. The others are matched military, commanders, and compacts.

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    Wabash County, Indiana
    Other: Rock Island Armory

    They are well built, and seem to lend themselves to aftermarket parts well. Below is the one I built. Only original stuff is the frame, slide, barrel and bushing. Everything else is non-MIM aftermarket, with with a lapped slide, will put jacketed HP into 1.5" at 25yds and cast truncated cone into 2" at the same distance.

    Utterly reliable, too.

    It is based on the MEUSOC 1911, but I added things I need and deleted things I did not. I will, however, probably end up fitting a NM bushing just for giggles.


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    Quote Originally Posted by yankeedoodle View Post
    Kimbers Externals are a thing of the past. I have a 5" and never have had one lick of trouble but many others have. Many of the problems were with shorter barrell lengths. Drive down to Berryville, AK and get him a Nighthawk he will love you forever. Mine is coming in about 8-10 weeks.
    Dang, you guys have to learn that Berryville is in Arkansas (AR) not Alaska (AK)

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    DFW Metroplex
    Voted other and really like my two 1911's: A Detonics Combat Master and a Firestorm Delux by Metro Arms(no longer produced but exactly the same as an American Classic II)

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    I vote as I own...Springfield. Did a lot of research because I have a love affair with the 1911. All of the major players make a great product, Colt, S & W, Kimber... but I went with the GI Mil-Spec for the combo of price and the Springfield name. Mine has a 1000+ rounds through it in the 4 months I've owned it and the only FTE was the VERY FIRST shot! That prompted an "Oh S#(%" but it's been perfect ever since.

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    i select Kimber

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    Ed Brown .....

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    Just got the Kimber Super Carry Ultra. Havent shot it yet but I will let you know. New to guns and everything I hear about Kimber is great. "You pay for what you get"

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    Currently my favorite is a Sig XO Stainless. This, I'm sure will change upon receiving my Les Baer Monolith.

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    My first and only 1911. It's different for me, so I'll post a different photo. Just to be different from the others.

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    There is only one...Colt and the DE 10 MM as my main caliber choice. Notice how the holster retaining strap is not happy with hammer down, the gun was empty.

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    I like my Dan Wesson 1911's the best.

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