Got my STI Guardian in 45 ACP

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      Got my STI Guardian in 45 ACP

      After waiting about 4 months from order to delivery, I finally got my STI and got out to the range... I am impressed with the Guardian... it shoots a lot better than me and I know I am going to need some more range time to get my grip sorted out (after shooting a sub-compact Springer XD 9mm and a Walter P-1 9mm almost exclusively for the last few years), but I had a blast (pardon the pun) with this STI..

      No complaints.. I was shooting S&B 230 Ball and Hornady STP 200+P JHP.

      The first 100 rounds of S&B ran smooth, I then tried 20 rounds of the Hornady and had 4 failures to feed on both the 6 and 7 round mags.. random in nature, but the rounds ran fine after clearing . so I shot another 50 of the S&B before trying the Hornady again and had no more failures.. I am going to try some other brands of hollow points to see if I have the same problems... and a lot more ball.. but 200 rounds at a time is about all my old arm can take..

      I did manage to wear a blister on the inside of my trigger finger after a 100 rounds (grip thing and poor positioning), put a band-aid on it and went back to shooting.

      It hits where it is pointed, I shot two-handed standing, one handed standing, and bench rest on sand bags..

      Brought it home and field stripped it (which was an experience after breaking down and cleaning my other pistols - remember this is my first 1911 - so it took me some doing and reading and cussing to finally get the slide stop out ), but I finally got it all clean...

      I am pleased with the purchase and feel this will be my new carry weapon...

      I ain't no great photographer (or shot for that matter) but here ya go..

      Everything shot at 7 yards:

      First 75 rounds or so..

      Second 75 rounds or so...

      Last 45 rounds...

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      I have never seen one inperson as they just don't show up around here. Why I don't know as everything I read about them says they are a great pistol.. Good luck with yours.

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      That is an awesome carry gun and you are going to love it the more you shoot and carry it!

      Four month wait?!?!?!
      You need to find a new STI dealer.
      That is one of our top carry gun sellers so we keep them in stock.

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      Soooo ... After a couple of years, what are impressions now?

      Thanks, Jack

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      Great pictures and not bad shooting! STI makes a really nice pistol.

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      Congrats...Looks good ,Sti makes a good gun,

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