Upgrading mil-spec...
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    Upgrading mil-spec...


    My previous post I was having trouble with my new Springfield Mil Spec.

    The culprit was the extractor.... "breaking in" the firearm helped as well..

    I am thinking of upgrading the rear sights to adjustable, and the front to a fiber optic, beyond that, the trigger could use a lighter pull...

    What are some do's and don'ts about this type of 1911, am I wasting my cash on upgrades? I guess I am looking for some wisdom about good and bad ideas of upgrades....

    My current project is a reliable sub compact, and making my 1911 feel, and shoot better....


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    The sky's the limit on what you want to do to a 1911. The Mil Spec is a good starting platforum. The key is doing the work yourself or as much as you can. A lot of guys after a year or so take a stab at building their own. You might want to study up on the trigger as it can be a bit touchy and you don't want it going full auto. Good luck in your venture.

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