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    Corrosive Ammo residue

    I have just shot corrosive ammo out of my ak, I know I need to clean it, any one have any suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by g2gunny View Post
    I have just shot corrosive ammo out of my ak, I know I need to clean it, any one have any suggestions?
    I use to do this all the time with my SKS. Just scrub her down real good. Just about any gun cleaning solvent should work just fine. It did for me.

    Don <><

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    Hoppes #9 works just fine.....JJ

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    Quote Originally Posted by chessail77 View Post
    Hoppes #9 works just fine.....JJ
    And it smells good too!

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    Corrosive ammunition is corrosive because its primer leaves hygroscopic salts in the barrel.
    (Hygroscopic: attracts and holds moisture—water.)

    The very best way to remove the hygroscopic salts is to dissolve them out with water.
    Then you flush with water that's as hot as you can get it, or you heat the metal parts until the water evaporates.
    Then you oil the parts while they're still warm, but dry.

    Another method would be to use black-powder-specific cleaning solvents. (Black powder residue is also hygroscopic.)

    There is still some G.I., WW2-era, corrosive-primer-specific cleaning solvent out there, if you can find it.

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    Hot soapy water has been used since the ammo was first used. Ballistol has been the lube of choice for many who shoot corrosive ammo.

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    I use hot water and ammonia on my French Mas 49/56. Now there's a good smell !!

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